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Our Policies

COVID-19 Policy

Summer Sounds concerts are designed with our audiences at heart, so they can have the peace of mind to enjoy live music outdoors in a safe, responsible and hassle-free environment. We continually monitor the Government guidance on Covid-19, and our events will always be in line with the latest regulations.


Ticket holders will have their own designated picnic patch which will be socially distanced from others but close enough to share the energy with the rest of the crowd. The patches will be defined by painted lines in our grass arena and are available for two (W1.5 x D1.5m), four (W2.0 x D1.5m) and six people (W2.5 x D2.0m) set out in alternating rows. The patches will be one metre apart within each row, with two-metre aisles between the rows.

Ticket Policy

Summer Sounds tickets are non-refundable unless the concert is cancelled, in which case a refund will be admissioned to each ticket-holder.


Our tickets are sold as picnic patches for 2, 4 or 6 people. Visitors wanting 1, 3 or 5 tickets would need to purchase a patch for 2, 4 or 6 respectively, and either enjoy extra space or invite another person to join the fun.


Groups larger than six will need to book at least two separate patches. Using our booking system, you’ll be able to select the event you’d like to attend, and choose picnic patches next or nearby to each other.


Once issued, Summer Sounds holds no liability for lost, damaged or already redeemed tickets. If you’re looking to purchase a ticket elsewhere, ensure you use an authorised, legitimate, third-party reseller. 


If you’re facing ticketing difficulties, or haven’t received your confirmation and attached QR code, get in touch with our team and we’ll look to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Entrance Policy

By purchasing a Summer Sounds ticket, you accept the following terms and conditions for entry, and understand that these conditions will be in place throughout the event. 


For the safety of our ticket-holders, bag searches will be conducted upon arrival to the venue. Any items which we deem to be illegal, offensive or dangerous will be confiscated and you may be asked to leave. Such items include: alcohol, umbrellas, fires, barbecues, camping stoves, gazebos, tents, windbreakers, drones, professional cameras, flares, fireworks, candles and any naked flames (excluding cigarette lighters).


We also run a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on drug use on site, including legal and herbal highs. Possession of these items will result in immediate removal from the grounds.

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